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Links & Contents I Liked 304

Hi all,

This is quite a substantial #globaldev review-and I wish there was more positive news to include.

Saudi Arabia & UAE collaborate with Sudan on mercenaries for Yemen; the appalling state of refugees on Nauru; UN, data & looming elections in DRC; child soldiers in the Central African Republic; bride trafficking in Myanmar; child marriage in Nepal; trauma healing in South Sudan; Maasai people visit museum in Oxford; an American entrepreneur wants to 'fix' something in Rwanda; reporting NGO work in media & research; why a movement in Lebanon failed; the quest to find successful blockchain projects; education, mobile technology & more challenges for girls & women; participatory video in rural Nepal; impossible questions when local & expat staff are evacuated from a humanitarian crisis; the environmental impact of Canada's mining industry.

Plus: Reflections on 'leaning in', new publications on youth employment in Africa, dependency theory &a…

Dear ICRC: We need to talk about Nas Daily & “the most undiscovered country”

Dear ICRC,

Let’s start with the good news: Nas Daily’s video The Most Undiscovered Country (#undiscoveredcountry #ICRC #honor) has only been viewed about 2,600 times since it appeared on YouTube on 21 August – so the damage is limited.
However, it is still a pretty terrible video.

Maybe a I am bit more sensitized as an academic who does communication for development as a job, but the mixture of ‘exploration’, ‘tourism’ and ‘aid work’ is usually not the best starting point to promote a professional global development organization.
Sending someone from the global North to ‘discover’ Papua New Guinea rubs me the wrong way right from the start of the 5 minute video. 
I know, I know: Many of us could easily get enticed by the story of Nuseir Yassin and his journey from Israel to Harvard to tech industry to travel blogger and you wanted to work with a digital influencer to get the young kids interested in ICRC work, I guess.
Nas has created a business off of his personal mantra of self-f…