Student advice

With about 200 blog posts, it is sometimes not easy to find the most relevant stuff. In this new section I have tried to group together posts that are hopefully relevant for (PhD) students, those finishing university to explore 'the field' as well as some additional reflections on academia

On the (Development Studies) PhD

Should I consider a PhD in International Development Studies? 

The challenges of maintaining a professional identity as a PhD student

The role of graduate studies in the 'flawed development system'- a reply to Karen Attiah

The four stages of ‘hottie research envy’ – a response to the Thesiswhisperer

On entering 'the field'

Who is 'the development industry'? 

Student question: How to use this experience to come as a sort of self-reflective practice of auto-evaluation and awareness-raising?

Shoes for Souls, good intentions and the bumpy road of DIY aid learning

Adventures in Voluntourism-they have become part of tourism mainstream

How the EU is creating the need for humanitarian volunteers

Reflections from inside academia 

Stuff expat aid workers like: Looking down on academics

Are journals hindering creative academic writing & engagement with research? 

Do we need an MA in Social Media for International Development & Change?

Twittering your MA? Development studies, social media and challenging dominant discourses


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