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Hi all, It has been a loooong week-as you probably guessed by the delayed publication of this week's review. However, as always there is plenty of food for thought on everything from war crimes to labeling a 'hut', from sexual violence to empowering stories featuring women from Kenya and Bolivia, from misguided stereotypes about India to revolutionary global ecosocialism, from laptop humanitarians to civil society claqueurs, from Bono to Louise Linton! Enjoy! New from aidnography Blogging and curating content as strategies to decolonize development studies In our crowded digital lives this means that curation and facilitation will become more important skills for those working in academia because there is already an abundance of diverse material from many sources. Strengthening connections and discussions, often with the aid of technological tools, thereby creating a global understanding of ‘development’ from social movements to debating inequalities and power/powerless

Blogging and curating content as strategies to decolonize development studies

Sussex University recently organized a Decolonising Development Studies event. I submitted a short input for discussion, but unfortunately was unable to attend the event in person. Below is a slightly revised version of my input on how development blogging and curating innovative development-related digital content has played a small, yet important role in decolonizing my approach to teaching and communicating development studies. Blogging and curating content as strategies to diversify discussions and communicate development differently I started my development blog Aidnography in 2011 and it has since become an integral part of my teaching, research and broader engagement to communicate development issues. The practice of regular blogging and curating content has become an opportunity to shift foci from traditional locations of where and how development is communicated – and who is in charge and part of the story. While I am aware that as a white European man I have to be particula

Links & Contents I Liked 258

Hi all, Not much to report-the first part of the semester is done and lost of assignments are ready for reading and grading... Development news: Humanitarian Evidence Week; Red Cross fraud in West Africa; why development finance institutions use tax havens ; failed infrastructure projects in Ghana; local aid workers in Kenya; Oxfam & the aid industry's sexual harassment problem; how to fix Afghanistan? Inside Eritrea; Thousand Currents; Bright Magazine; development economics research; using social media for development research. Our digital lives: The social cost of digital disruption in Nigeria; sexist travel Instagram. Publications: Local aid workers in the Philippines. Academia: Developing countries & predatory publishing ; tech adoption in the classroom; open access fosters engagement. Enjoy! New from aidnography Dirk Niebel became an arms lobbyist afterwards & is still quite an embarrassment 4 German #globaldev #aid community

Links & Contents I Liked 257

Hi all, Greetings from Tbilisi where an excellent ComDev teaching seminar is coming to its end! It is also Friday-so there area links, readings, tweet & more to explore! Development news: The political economy of violence in Mogadishu ; aid spending according to Norway & China ; technology & citizens' voices; local capacity in Puerto Rico ; 'Africa Rising' based on faulty logic of growth? New challenges for GBV in Nepal ; Ghana & the open-source encyclopedia of Africa; Lagos displaces citizens for art biennial; the Liberation of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde .  Publications: Anthropology & the UN system; What is data justice? Journalism safety; Knowledge & trust in an overheated world. Academia: Scholarly blogging & use of social media; decolonizing teaching; the blind spots of (journal) rankings. Enjoy! New from aidnography What have MNCs, Zombie-style dystopian visuals & stolen incubators 2 do w/ #globaldev debates?!? @oxfamgb

Links & Contents I Liked 256

Hi all, Another full round-up of great readings this week! Development news: The WHO-Mugabe communication #fail; How cash helps in Puerto Rico; the UN's ceremonial beehives; data risks & registering Rohingya; people keep sending too much stuff to Houston; emergency sexwork; women's cooperatives; micro insurance for migrants in Thailand; UN-reform; Jamaica's anti-queer violence & its colonial roots; working with UN bloggers, NIKE likes robots; Mozambique's forgotten East German history; 'purpose has become an empty slogan'. Our digital lives: Working with Guardian's audience engagement; will Google/Alphabet take over Toronto? Big data from the South. Publications: Communicating vaccines; state fragility; social media in Brazil; tech & migrants. Academia: Reflections on Open Access Week. Enjoy! New from aidnography A few reflections on the new OECD flagship report on Data for Development Almost right from the beginning of the report ‘data’