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Hi all,  A slightly belated link review-again due to travel. This week I spent some fantastic days in Odessa with colleagues of our internationalization project . It's a fantastic city and I'm really happy that my job allows for these fantastic opportunities, networks & encounters of beautiful places! However, the #globaldev universe did not stand still and there are stories about humanitarian challenges in Yemen, WHO travel, returning & new blogging voices as well as a Senegalese soap opera & 'McMindfulness'! My quotes of the week On Jared Diamond's new book: Until recently, in much of American life, and American writing, the default setting of human being was white and/or male. Today so much writing shatters this default, complicates the point of view. And “Upheaval” reminds us why that matters (Anand Giridharadas). On the challenges of collaboratibe research projects in dangerous environments: (M)any Western universities have strict prot

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Hi all, I'm back in Sweden and as the semester is reaching peak season I wish I had a little bit more time for blogging...but this week's #globaldev readings are definitely worth your time! Highlights include: UNCTAD in trouble; millennials deserting the army; a manifesto for rethining disaster studies; the 'dronepocalypse' in documentaries (and #globaldev comm?) & the economist highlighting the role of women and their bodies in history-including through naked protest. Plus book recommendations & entertaining Tweets ;)! My quote of the week comes from Faiza Shaheen on the all-white UK inequality review panel: I can tell you that those who occupy these prestigious influential positions keep missing three key things in their analysis of inequality – namely the importance of power, of prejudice and of the elitist political system. Could it be because they’ve always had power, never experienced prejudice and have friends working in politics? Enjoy! Develop

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Hi all, I am wrapping up a week in Ottawa and whether it's because of the different time zone, tweaks in algorithms or a different attention span, it seems that many interesting digital vignettes have caught my eye this week...or maybe it's just a busy week for #globaldev-related stuff...?? This week's highlights: Learning English in Kenya with Ellen DeGeneres; skin bleaching in Nigeria; feminism at a traditional Indian university; Dior discovering Africa; Coco-Cola & the history of globalization; working towards equitable #highered! Enjoy! Development news Social Justice Organization Seeks Summer Interns Who Can Afford to Be Unpaid Due to Privilege We hope one day to be able to pay our interns, but at the moment we aren’t in a financial position where we can fulfill our mission in terms of the hiring decisions we make in order to fulfill our mission. Sometimes, interns are able to find scholarship funds for summer opportunities through their college. Sometimes, they

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Hi all, Happy Friday! Enjoy your #globaldev readings! Development news: Mozambique, DRC, Shell, World Bank, Zambia, Sudan, Blockchain, UNHCR, Inequality, Walter Rodney, Participatory budgeting, Slavery @ Cambridge. Our digital lives: Slack. Academia: Blogs, Airlines. Enjoy! P.S.: I'll be in Ottawa next week.   Development news 'Visual Chaos': A Photographer's View Of Cyclone Kenneth Imagine your house is gone. And yet the TV is still standing. That's one of the scenes that photojournalist Tommy Trenchard documented as he visited parts of Mozambique hit by Cyclone Kenneth on Thursday. Marc Silver & Tommy Trenchard for NPR Goats & Soda . Tommy Trenchard's pictures complement reporting from Mozambique and the aerial shots often shared by UN and other humanitarian agencies. I'm not sure I like the word 'angry' in the URL in reference to the storm. Cliches Can Kill in Congo If there is anything Congolese and international analysts a