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Summer break 2018

Hi all, As I wrote in last week's link review : Unlike previous years I will have a proper break until the second half of August to focus on other (academic) writing projects, catching up on my reading list - and simply take a break from the #globaldev news cycle. There will be an official vacation post at the end of next week with reading suggestions from the archive-and perhaps even the odd book review or commentary depending on what will happen over the summer. In the meantime, besides leaving you with an image of Malmö's Västra Hamnen harbor with a view of the Öresund bridge in the background, I am sharing a few blogging highlights with you in case you feel like browsing the archive or, if you are a new student for example, getting to know my Aidnography project. I hope you will also have a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in August! One of the key themes of my blogging has been engaging with the aid industry and the professionalism of aid work(er