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Links & Contents I Liked 294

Hi all, The week started relatively calm, but after a last-minute invitation to a great conference on development volunteering in Cologne, a new book review and plenty of interesting readings for the latest review I'm ready for my weekend! Development news: UNEP's travel expense problems; WHO abolishes unpaid internships; inside the localization debate; a lot of aid is still tied to Northern expenses; Healing Solidarity; companies & SDGs-mainly empty promises; H&M's trouble with 'good'; factories; African designers & sustainability challenges; sex & the Indian village; a young MP rises in South Africa; Nepal's cool Kautam reminices on a career at UNICEF & #globaldev; getting the story of migration & aid workers on stage. Our digital lives: A Mandela exhibition with a sour corporate aftertaste; mental health well-being in the gig economy. Publications: The u nprotected, unsupported & uncertain status of refugees in Greece; journali

Algiers, Third World Capital (book review)

Not just for a development-related autobiography enthusiast like me is Elaine Mokhtefi’s Algiers, Third World Capital-Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers a literary treat! Mokhtefi’s memoir centres around the decade after the defeat of France and independence in 1962 until she is forced to leave Algeria. A journalist, translator, ‘fixer’ as well as book author and seller in later life, Mokhtefi’s vivid anecdotes bring to live a time when ‘alternative development’ meant more than arguing about the best methods for an RCT or what kind of microcredit is more sustainable. Between Algeria’s competing visions of development, visitors from all across Africa and global connections to various freedom movements a time comes to live that promised so much-a radical shift in world politics and decolonized world long before it became the topic of increased academic interest. There were so many reflections her book triggered when I read it over the course of a weekend: How the develo

Links & Contents I Liked 293

Hi all, Welcome to a fresh link review from stormy and rainy Sweden! Development news: Commitment to development (Sweden is #1!); Rwanda's cash transfer program everybody is talking about; Canada's OECD-DAC peer review; UN Women staff sacked over #AidToo; is the UNSG under siege? Citizens United Against Inhumanity; is pessimism a privilege? Positive thinking & poverty; edutainment meets behavioral science; CARE's humanitarian imaginary; Africa is always portrayed as a passive woman; accepting charity with dignity; challenging white drones; the radical history of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Our digital lives: Excuses are like...white male panel edition; Mo' cryptocurrencies, mo' opportunities for tax havens! Publications: Investigative journalism in Africa; ending extreme poverty; medical brain drain? Not so fast! Academia: Caribbean hurricane vulnerability & British colonial plantations. Enjoy! Development news Commitment to Development Index 2018 The

Links & Contents I Liked 292

Hi all, Development news: Thailand's slave fishermen; UNEP boss' problematic travel arrangements; UNSG talks about a complicated world; long-term benefits of cash transfers-it's complicated; redefining aid in the 21st century; revisiting the depoliticizing women's empowerment debate; new UNHCR aid worker podcast; long-read on voluntourism-also complicated; Nkruma's legacy in Ghana; the rise of the inequality industry; plus: more #globaldev podcasts, tweets, videos! Publications: Mapping the landscape of foundation support for #globaldev news; cash transfers can have positive impacts on intimate partner violence. Academia: A peer review special: Reviewing trends, radical reforms & a scathing critique of the academic publishing-industrial complex; plus: Ethnography at African borders. Enjoy! Development news Thailand's slave fishermen: What's needed to solve the crisis? Chairat, Patima and the TMFG team have developed a system whereby slave workers

Links & Contents I Liked 291

Hi all, Development news: Hollywood's depiction of 'development'? A Mission Impossible! The long road for aid worker safeguarding; securitization in North Africa; bad healthcare kills; what's the impact of the SDGs? Nepal's e-Waste problems; what makes an effective ICT4D project? Volunteering in global Southern communities; reflections on UN careers; a life in exile from South Africa; privatizing poverty. Our digital lives: Mansplaining revisited: Female monkeys don't trust men; Facebook's violence problem at the periphery. Publications: Highschoolers learn about orphanage tourism; systemic reviews' language problem; decolonizing the Cambridge curriculum. Academia: Norway's struggle to decolonize academia; European science funders push open access; new documentaries on the paywall & female scientists in Canada; how can we get diversity without putting in the work? Enjoy! Development news 'Mission Impossible' Fails At The Mission To