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Our Communication for Development program is hiring a full-time, permanent teacher & researcher!

Our Communication for Development program is looking for a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor-equivalent) to join our team! This is a full-time, permanent position and applications are accepted until 30 April 2018 ! The full job specifications and details of how to apply are available on Malmö University’s website. So please do not hesitate to spread the word, submit an application or get in touch with me if you have further questions! As I will not be directly involved in the hiring process I am very happy to answer informal inquiries about working at Malmö University, in Swedish higher education or about living in (Southern) Sweden! Here's an excerpt of the application text: As a senior lecturer in Communication for Development you will be involved in independent teaching, course and programme management, supervision and examination of master’s theses, educational development work, research, and collaboration with external stakeholders, international research partne

Links & Contents I Liked 275

Hi all, Welcome to link review #275! Development news: The complexities of sex work in South Sudan; Nepal's infrastructure & pollution challenges; Are the SDGs simply 'BS'? What is the future of urbanization? Foreign aid impact-it's complicated! Comic relief wants fewer white saviors; Clooney & Prendergast still want to save Africa; DDD from a local perspective; young Swedish woman goes to Kibera, hugs child: "One of the happiest moment in your life was probably when you met me and my friends"; Red Cross & dashcams; death of a journalist in Sudan; impact of news reporting on UK aid sector; gender equality in the charity sector. Our digital lives: Disrupting news media funding. Enjoy! New from aidnography Apply for ComDev’s flagship MA program & courses from 15 March to 15 April! Our Communication for Development online blended learning MA is accepting applications again ! We also have a free-standing course on C4D M&E on offer-and Europea

Links & Contents I Liked 274

Hi all, Because we discussed our four fantastic ComDev student blog projects this afternoon I am a little bit late with my link review... Development news: UNAIDS, Bono & Oxfam #AidToo updates; Canada's feminist foreign policy challenges; measuring women's inclusion; Syria war fatigue; World Bank, end of poverty & Internet of Things; Heineken wants to do good; Decolonizing National Geographic; reading the new WDR on education; challenging #globaldev lingo; Drake's cash transfer; humanitarian oral history project; speaking out; disaster capitalism; ICRC augmented reality app; Our digital lives: Tabloid India; women & open mapping; the tech behind an educational non-profit; millenials' exclusive ski resort. Publications: A study on #allmalepanels. Academia: A record-breaking 30 white men history conference; universities as experience providers. Enjoy! New from aidnography The Office meets global politics: New sitcom on life inside the United Nations I

The Office meets global politics: New sitcom on life inside the United Nations

I caught up with the creators of The Mission Marie-Marguerite Sabongui and Benedict Moran via Zoom in Istanbul to learn more about their UN sitcom project. We discussed how to communicate development and international politics issues differently in an age of new TV platforms, satirical commentary as edutainment and what could be the beginning of a global movement of creative talent taking on the absurdities of the aid industry. There is a lot of crazy, absurd stuff happening in the UN Aidnography: I am always intrigued about new and different forms of how development issues are communicated-so naturally your UN sitcom caught my attention. What triggered your project? Marie: Ben and I broadly work in the field of international development. I studied international development and environmental issues and Ben and I were both working at the UN in New York. I was a climate advisor for small islands at the UN and Ben the producer for Al-Jazeera ’s UN coverage. We kep

Links & Contents I Liked 273

Hi all, It was International Women's Day yesterday and this week's link review is to a substantial amount a reflection of that-celebrating female achievements, writers & researchers-but also highlighting some of the many challenges that still prevent full equality and achievement of women's full potential to be fulfilled. Development news: IWD; #AidToo & Save The Children; gender gaps in non-profits; why did violent crimes drop in Sao Paulo? The genocide Obama didn't see coming; Mongolian oil revenue shenanigans; the political economy of refugee registration in Uganda; Yazidi women & journalism ethics; equestrians in Lubumbashi; academics love Black Panther; Ethiopia's girl band coming of age; new satirical documentary on life inside the UN; intermediaries in humanitarian journalism. Our digital lives: Male-dominated media corporations; Steven Pinker, the PowerPoint philosopher. Publications: Fake news & the charity sector; gender & mobile te