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Hi all, There seems to be some kind of sporting event going on in Qatar this week & a settler colonial holiday is celebrated in the US-enjoy if you celebrate ;). Despite all its problems I had a really good discussion on Twitter this week around 'the most effective' #globaldev intervention & the opportunities + risks that come with such a label. A bad week for Caritas Internationalis, UNOPS & UK aid. A hopeful story from India, sceptical ones from Pakistan & El Salvador + bad news from Somalia (still...). And buzzwords from 'localization' to 'longtermism'. And more :) My quotes of the week Loss and damage funding – if indeed the money is forthcoming – is all well and good, but it can only go so far. Unless the government grabs hold of its responsibility to improve baseline development, flood response, and emergency aid, the inevitable disasters of the future will continue to see needless pain and loss of life. (The limits of loss and damage: A c

Links & Contents I Liked 462

Hi all, I'll be quick as it's getting a bit late in Sweden on this dark & cold Friday afternoon...this week we start with the meltdown of FTX, SBF & EA & move into Nepal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Europe, Pakistan, China & explore many other places! Enjoy! My quotes of the week But this cash infusion only reached a minority of those affected and was a one-off payment. Sustained relief and recovery aid is needed for basic income support for people who have lost livelihoods, to prevent secondary impacts of the disaster such as waterborne illness and outbreaks partly caused by the disruption of vaccination programmes, to enable continued safe return for displaced people, and to avert a significant upsurge in poverty. ( Floods in Pakistan: Rethinking the humanitarian role) As with the cooptation of any subculture, it can no longer be called a protest against the “system” if it is the system. There’s nothing inherent in the technology that makes it resistant to being assim

Links & Contents I Liked 461

Hi all, I enjoyed my short break in Berlin, including a first meeting with the advisory board of Engineers Without Borders Germany. I'm keeping this review #COP27 free, because there is already so much going on in the #globaldev-osphere... Sweden, Norway, UK, Somalia, Myanmar, Namibia & India made it into this review & there's also a substantial academic reading list from Danish businesses & the SDGs to the discourse of the 'Global South'! My quotes of the week Twitter is where you can get perspectives on events and issues in African countries without the filters and gatekeeping lenses of Western media or academia. Its potency on the continent isn't so much in the number of its users, but its ability to reverberate across ecosystems. (Chris Olaoluwa Ògúnmọ́dẹdé on Twitter ) The analysis finds that most companies view the SDGs as a platform for achieving rather conventional business goals such as mitigating risk, saving costs, and differentiating product