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Links & Contents I Liked 487

Hi all, Me & the blog are officially on our summer break, but some interesting readings have been piling up so I want to share them as well as a few open access books that should make interesting additions to your summer holiday or autumn course reading lists... My quotes of the week The Lankelly Chase chief executive, Julian Corner, said: “Philanthropy is a function of colonial capitalism, it has been shaped by it, is being driven by it, and yet philosophically it tries to position itself as somehow a cure for the ills of colonial capitalism, and that contradiction needs to stop.” ( UK charity foundation to abolish itself and give away £130m) As the Winooski River retreated on Wednesday, it revealed the only climate refuge that remains: neighbors aiding neighbors. “The sense I have gotten,” a friend who lives in Montpelier texted me, “is an overwhelming willingness of people to volunteer, to help in any way they can.” (Even ‘Safe’ Places Are Experiencing Climate Chaos in America)