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Links & Contents I Liked 489

Hi all, Our summer break is definitely ending when more than 100 students will commence their studies in our program next week; in the meantime we are looking at humanitarian situations in India, Saudi-Arabia, Myanmar, Hawai'i as well as period poverty across Africa, aid logos & plenty of academic readings on #globaldev's past, present & future! Enjoy! My quotes of the week But let's do that more with telling stories, and give them the voice to tell what happened and have perhaps [donor] visits and so on. The visitor doesn't need to see logos plastered all over. There are other ways of telling donors and volunteers that it is a worthwhile investment. (Why it’s time to stop the aid logo ‘arms race’) Sadly, Sergio’s trust in humanity was to be his tragic undoing in Baghdad. But, as a consequence, have the UN and international humanitarian agencies learnt the wrong lessons? The reality today is that the modern humanitarian enterprise has become more distant from i

Links & Contents I Liked 488

Hi all, I hope many of you are still on or about to leave for Global Northern summer holidays and I hope even more so that you are in a healthy, friendly & safe space... As the Swedish academic break is slowly coming to an end, I prepared a fresh link review with more reflective content from Syria, Italy, Sudan & different spaces from UNRISD to African cultural spaces and New York policy wonkery...- plus an interesting section with new reports & longer-read food for thought! Enjoy! P.S.: A look into the archive reminded me that a certain Nick Kristof used to write about #globaldev-and we didn't like it very much... My quotes of the week So I think we are rightly more sensitive to reductive descriptions, yet these have applied to Africa more than to any other continent on earth. Africa was never hopeless and it will never be perfect. What it is — as I hope this series contributes to showing — is a place of immense history, cultural wealth, and breathtaking creativity, wh