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Links & Contents I Liked 371

Hi all, Welcome to what is probably going to be the pen-ultimate #globaldev link review before a well-deserved summer break in July! It has been a busy week on the blog, updating the racism resource post & adding more than 30 resources to a new post about the forthcoming DfID merger with the FCO. And there's other news, of course, from Zanzibar, Congo, Nairobi, Japan and the Philippines, Malawi, the US, WHO and UN @ 75. Important pieces on voluntourism, skin bleaching, gender-based violence, baby formula, philanthrocapitalism & decolonizing research relationships wrap this week's post up! Enjoy! My quotes of the week With the Black Lives Matter movement in mind, I am writing to let you know that we, Zanzibaris, demand better. Leaving out the overwhelming efforts of locals in Zanzibar to combat this pandemic, promotes a white savior complex, whether or not that was the intention of your article. You knew about WAJAMAMA’s efforts. I know this because you spent two hours i

DfID-FCO Merger in the UK-a curated collection

While highly unusual for the content you expect on Aidnography , this post features quite a few men, mostly British, who have been commenting on the announced merger of UK's Department for International Development (DfID) with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to create a new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. We have seen mergers of development ministries before (e.g. in Canada, Australia & Norway ), but as one of the globally most esteemed ministries for #globaldev, this merger has sparked quite a backlash, mainly because it lacks the evidence that DfID has known to champion globally in her work. At this early stage the direction of most of the articles is clear: "Don't do it!". But so far, very few commentators from outside the Northern hemisphere have chimed in & not many forward-looking discussion have started about the ways we should fund, manage & "do" #globaldev in the 21st century and what roles traditional institut