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Links & Contents I Liked 373

Hi all, The Scandinavian summer is almost over, the new semester about to start & your favorite #globaldev link review is back! As I promised in early July , we will dive right into a new, important, stimulating list of readings (well, I included some from earlier in August...) including an extended section on great new open access books! Enjoy! My quotes of the week Taken together the empirical evidence indicate that aid is not effective at deterring migration and it should be used for other purposes. There is no convincing evidence that development assistance reduced migration flows. In the best-case scenario, aid will have a very limited deterring impact on migration flows with high costs per deterred migrant. (Development Aid does not deter Irregular Migration) I have followed closely how a gender and development institute in DRC, built around four women PhD holders, could easily find work as a sub-contractor for research, but once they developed their own agenda and proposals,

The WEconomy (book review)

As you may have heard if you are interested in Canadian #globaldev discussions, the Toronto-based WE charity has been involved in a bit of a political controversy. In addition to ongoing political debates , more and more criticism on the charity’s volunteering and development model have emerged, including from my esteemed colleagues Rebecca Tiessen ( ' an organizational restructuring is insufficient for addressing its contradictory messaging,  problematic practices and international development identity problem '), David Jefferess (' accusations of racism within WE have been marginalized, as have discussion of the way WE gained such influence within Canadian schools, media, and politics as models of white saviourism ') and the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID-ACEDI) (' CASID condemns the WE model of development '). These debates inspired me to take a closer look at WEconomy-You can find meaning, make a living, and change th