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Links & Contents I Liked 431

Hi all, Our semester kicked off this week and as difficult as things still are I am amazed by how active, curious, resourceful and well-organized most of our students are, keen to write their thesis, discussing readings & making our lives more exciting in the process! Otherwise, enjoy an eclectic #globaldev news, views & readings that have caught my attention this week! My quotes of the week Every night, my mother calls me. She says, “What’s going on Marib? You have to leave, you have to be safe.” I tell them, “It’s ok, I’m ok.” They worry about me. And when there is an airstrike in Sana’a, I call them and tell them to be safe, to leave their house and go further away from the strikes. Every night is like this. They are worried about me, and I am worried about them. (‘I will not leave my family to die here’: A photojournalist in Yemen’s Marib) However, it turns out that forcing your nation’s banks and stores to accept a currency large swaths of the population are unfamiliar wit

Links & Contents I Liked 430

Hi all, Happy New Year! No fancy 2021 reviews or 2022 previews-just returning to interesting #globaldev readings as usual from Denmark, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Canada, Senegal + Clubhouse & a couple of new open access journal articles! Enjoy! My quotes of the week Reparations must be about creating economic and social equality between former colonizer and colonized. It must be about holding injustice to account through legal and political measures initiated by the victims. It cannot just be about paying off people for extreme injustices that the perpetrators still continue to this day. And even if it is about money, it cannot be in the form of aid agreements that employ antiquated and one-sided modalities that benefit the donor more.  (Aid as reparations is misplaced and harmful) We have to bear witness, remember and foster awareness of the consequences of erasing the futures of so many and put our resources and efforts into creative opportunities that not only make these cris