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Hi all,  Happy Friday! Inequality, #AidToo, China, UK Aid & climate change/resilience...lots of big-picture #globaldev stuff in this week's review; plus great new research articles on TikTok, WhatsApp & Pinterest! Enjoy! My quotes of the week Blending agriculture with human rights, “Shout A Lot About Democracy” (SALAD), is a flagship program designed to engage American youth in their own idiom, and will station more than 1,000 young African volunteers across America to plant vegetable gardens while teaching Black Lives Matters activists about the American justice system. (African Billionaires and Governments Have a Plan to Save America) Over the past few months, an economic contraction and an increase in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led to thousands of Indians turning to online loan apps to meet their day-to-day expenses. These apps often charge interest rates as high as 40% for sums as low as $70. Some are legitimate, regulated businesses, but with gover

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Hi all, What a week, eh?!? This edition is a bit shorter-perhaps because other developments dominated my social media feeds, but perhaps also because I worked on my Aidnography first newsletter in a long time , taught the first week of a new semester, held an important lecture & attended an interesting board meeting with inspiring colleagues! Nonetheless, there's still plenty #globaldev stuff to explore from the poetics of the Arab Spring to language in Australia & non-profit diversity challenges! Enjoy! My quotes of the week International organisations are not reducing their capacity and ambition because they’re confident that local governments or NGOs can already meet needs better than they can, or because the job is done but because they simply don’t have the funding and people they need. (Investing in a localised aid system must not mean stepping back from international assistance) If we don’t have women and people of color in the not-for-profit sector, the dispari

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Hi all, Happy New Year! Your favorite weekly #globaldev link review is back with a special 2020 review-2021 preview section & plenty of new interesting readings! Enjoy! My quotes of the week Senior leaders in non-profits need to critically interrogate the following questions as a priority: does your diversity and inclusion focal point have legitimacy among minoritised groups in your organisation? Be honest — in what ways might you be setting them up to fail rather than succeed? To what extent are you asking staff working on diversity to focus more on PR than systemic change? How will you support your diversity officer to act in the face of resistance? What does institutional transformation mean to you — and how far are you willing to go? (So You’ve Hired a Diversity and Inclusion Expert? Here Are Six Ways You Could Be Undermining Them)   As the case of Kenya shows, the introduction of centralized biometric systems increases the risk of function creep. Even if intended fo