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Hi all, Welcome to the last weekly review before my annual summer break! I don't need to tell anybody what a long and tiring first half of the year it has been, but I'm also grateful for the digital companionship that the blog provides to engage with your work, writings, books, reflections & more! I will be back in mid-August, probably sharing a book review or two in the meantime, and I wish you a healthy, reinvigorating time, perhaps dismantling the patriarchy, working on decolonization & rethinking #globaldev or reconnecting with family, friends & good books, movies or podcasts. Thanks for feeding my curiosity, learning, thinking & doing! P.S.: And don't forget to apply for our permanent full-time Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development position ! P.P.S.: This is a picture I took at Kåseberga harbour during a short spring break & I look forward to returning next week for Swedish Midsomar celebrations (which is not far from Dag Hammarskjöld

Links & Contents I Liked 409

Hi all, 22 of our ComDev students presented great theses last week, the semester is slowly winding down & your favorite weekly #globaldev review is back with news, reflections, readings & think pieces :) !   Enjoy! My quotes of the week The top ten practices mentioned by interviewed leaders were modelling self-care, openly discussing mental health with staff, recognising the contributions of others, challenging inappropriate behaviour, using their position responsibly and fairly, actively listening to different perspectives, communicating consistently and with authenticity, prioritising the workload, giving people space to do their jobs, and cultivate caring, compassionate organisational cultures. (Leading Well: Aid leader perspectives on staff well-being and organisational culture) On the guidelines enshrined in Nobel rules is that once a prize is awarded, it cannot be withdrawn. So how could the committee express its condemnation of the war and the politics of Abi