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Links & Contents I Liked 451

Hi all, After a little summer flu health break last week, Aidnography is almost back to the usual routines just as the new semester is about to start next week. From plastic waste in Ghana to urbanization in Nigeria, a lot of well-known #globaldev challenges (re)emerge this week, including adoptions from the periphery to the center, UN whistleblowing, exploitations of Jamaican migrant workers in Canada, or the persistence of the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh...and I won't become a fan of Effective Altruism and Longtermism; plus, 5 years ago Madonna helped Malawi... My quotes of the week For Biritwum, littering was a result of poverty and lack of proper housing, not slovenly behavior. Ghana was changing, he went on, because of habits imported from Europe and the United States (...). “We are becoming more throwaway, more takeaway,” he said. “We are becoming more like you.” ( West Africa Is Drowning in Plastic. Who Is Responsible?) “If my minister asks me whether it is safe to spend

Links & Contents I Liked 450

Hi all, It's this strange time of the year when my Swedish academic holidays are coming to an end while most of global academia looks at their calendar and exclaims 'But it's August!' ;). However, it was great to have a break and I basically did not produce anything :) Review no.450 is as eclectic as always, but this time I'm explicitly including readings that I've saved throughout the last weeks. From Effective Altruism to the crisis in Sri Lanka, from ethics to celebrity humanitarianism and heavy metal in Africa there's lots to explore + a good range of new reports! From this week onwards I'll also send out a notification/Email to the Mailchimp newsletter subscribers . Google Blogger discontinued its Email notification system for blog subscribers so I transferred all addresses to Mailchimp . Enough housekeeping for the moment-time to get excited/angry/hopeful/inspired/sad about #globaldev for another 450 weekly posts ;)! My quotes of the week “On a