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Links & Contents I Liked 335

Hi all, Preparations for the new semester starting Monday are underway, but there's always time for some Friday afternoon & weekend #globaldev reads! My quotes of the week Now, imagine this scenario. A couple of newly minted MPH graduates from an African university, say in Rwanda, land in Washington DC for a 2-week visit. They visit a few hospitals, speak to a few health care workers and policymakers, read a few reports, and write up a nice assessment of the US health system with several recommendations on how to fix the issues they saw. They submit their manuscript to the American Journal of Public Health. Can you imagine AJPH even sending it out for review? Even if the paper got published somewhere, would US health researchers take it seriously? (10 Fixes for Global Health Consulting Malpractice) The new Indonesian law is probably too heavy handed, but it is in the right direction. There is little doubt that there is a problem with #trickledownscience, and governments in the

Links & Contents I Liked 334

Hi all, Welcome to another #globaldev link review...let's start at the end: I added a new section ( What we were reading 5 years ago ) to the blog and will dig up interesting stuff from 2014 link reviews...let's see how themes change, remain, disappear, reappear...but there is also plenty of interesting new stuff this week-with a particular focus on #globaldev & fintech... My quotes of the week They’re turning to a screen that’s producing some results, that says, “You are high risk,” or “You are low risk,” you know, and then they’re acting on that. And so I really want us to become attuned to this intermediary that is not, in fact, objective in the way that we are being socialized to believe it is (Black Communities Are Already Living in a Tech Dystopia) These movements lent their charisma, their ideology, to give these horrible policies — financialization, the precarization of work, and the driving down of wages — the veneer of being pro-gay, pro-women, and so on. That def

Links & Contents I Liked 333

Hi all, Returning from the summer break with link review #333 must be a lucky sign :) ! The picture of Moyland Castle in Germany has nothing to do with #globaldev & is merely a proof that I took a break ;)! As in previous years, I will not make an attempt to 'catch up' with all the stuff that has happened over the last few weeks. A few interesting posts and documents have caught my eye, though, and I am including them with a date attached to it so you can judge how relevant they still are and which discussions have evolved, disappeared etc. I was also quite selective and don't want to share an overwhelming amount of readings as many are returning from breaks or are preparing for the autumn... My quotes of the week If this bill passes, then people like me will become undocumented in their own country, facing legal and civic death, and forced to exist at the margins. Eventually, our resistance might break and we may be compelled to register. But that will not be a cho