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Hi all, To be fair, it felt it bit more exciting to share link review 350 last week, but time flies and great new content wants to be shared! So happy reading, thinking & sharing! My quotes of the week We must start respecting the diversity of approaches that support people in different societies and cultures; many of which start with the body, not the mind, and the acknowledgement that sometimes the emotions that need releasing are trapped somewhere in a physical form. (A Personal Account of Trauma and Healing) ‘My whole life is on my phone’ they say; that means your dating life, social life, self-image and maybe your business. Having a smartphone doesn’t change your life or your behaviour, it just extends it onto a new platform. Of course, smartphones are already expanding the potential of social ventures like ours. But to harness that potential, we need to keep one foot on the ground. Fundamentally, whether someone has a smartphone in their hand or not, they’re the sam

Links & Contents I Liked 350

Hi all, It feels good to kick-off the new year with a small anniversary post; this is link review 350 and it certainly won't be the last one ;)! At the last bigger anniversary in November 2018 I shared My key learnings about #globaldev 20 years after I took my first undergrad course . But let's focus on 2020. As I wrote before the holidays , I'm not pretending to 'catch up' with events of the last few weeks and instead share an eclectic mix of content that somehow caught my attention. I just returned from a fantastic week in Bandung hosted by the Universitas Katolik Parahyangan and among the many highlights a visit to the Bandung conference museum was certainly very special for any #globaldev enthusiast-'the first transcontinental conference organized by colored people'! My quotes of the week Decolonizing has to be a collaborative journey and a collective struggle of committed individuals. It is one of undoing and redoing, of unlearning to relearn, of que

Links & Contents I Liked 349

Hi all, Happy holidays! This is the final link review for 2019, packed with great content worthy to wrap up another crazy year in #globaldev. Because of a great teaching opportunity in Indonesia (in Bandung of all historical #globaldev places!) and regular teaching duties at home at the beginning of our spring semester we probably won't be 'seeing' much of each other until the end of January. I also posted a longer essay recently that seems very suitable as a replacement for more typical end-of-the-year reflections-so come back after the holidays and explore more ;)! My quotes of the week These refusals to see, refusals to change, mean that we have strapped ourselves to a machine designed to destroy us. But we live in hope that before it does, at least it feeds us, sustains us for a while, unlike the poor benighted souls in the sacrifice zone, the wretched and damned of the earth, trampled under the wheels of the machine and then cast into the river with its forgotten n