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Links & Contents I Liked 251

Hi all,

The developments at Third World Quarterly were definitely the top story in my networks this week-a fascinating case study about changing academic publishing cultures, core values of development research & broader questions about 'whose voices count' in debating international development in public arenas.

But there were many other interesting readings as well, of course:

Development news: Barbie Savior travels to Nambia; UN leadership & gender parity; Sri Lanka's adoption baby trade; the limits of what free menstrual pads can solve; how bad is the new Tomb Raider movie? How the ICRC avoided a PR disaster with the gaming industry; C4D & digital thinking; no apps necessary: topping up phone credit for refugees; BRICS have not been able to challenge global governance; field experiments & re-visits; new books on Bangladesh's & China's development; thinks tanks & female leaders; who belongs in the new Lagos? A long-read about Nigeria's c…

Links & Contents I Liked 250

Hi all,

Link review #250 should be an occasion to pause and reflect for a moment-just not this week which is far from over yet and it has been quite hectic
So let me just say 'THANK YOU!' for producing awesome content, sharing great stuff-and being around virtually!
I wrote What I learned from curating thousands of #globaldev articles almost exactly a year ago and it still remains valid.  

Maybe a plain and simple review with a special section on Irma & #globaldev is the answer to the question of what's next or where to go from here...


New from aidnography

My updated lecture on humanitarian communication in the age of social media:

[View the story "Humanitarian communication in a mediatized, post-factual world" on Storify] Full video:
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Welcome from #Tallinn! I'll be tweeting about #DigitalisingDevelopment today; lots of #ict4d & some #globaldev stuff! — Tobias Denskus (@aidnography) Septem…

Links & Contents I Liked 249

Hi all,

If you happen to be in Tallinn, Estonia early next week, I'd love to catch up at and around the DigitalisingDevelopment event which I will be attending!

In other news:

Development news: Can robots take over garment-making? South Africa's development vision beyond growth; Kenya's election observer industry; the fake Brazilian surfing war photographer; India's Aadhaar biometric program; how to change the hierarchy of suffering? Fashion from Ghana; a level playing field for African tech innovation; geeze Louise (Linton)! ODA modernization.

Our digital lives: Are nonprofit news sites preaching to the choir? Platform capitalism & the young; panel anxiety & diversity.

Publications: Social media & violence reporting; cash transfers plus.

Academia: IRB nightmares; de-/re-valuing work in China.


New from aidnography

Reading #Harvey through a #globaldev lens
This post now features some interesting updates!

Oh dear me! 'Travelers fighting poverty' by be…

Links & Contents I Liked 248

Hi all,

We welcomed close to 200 new students this week in our ComDev program and both the US and large parts of South Asia experience disastrous flooding situations. I started a special link review that links Harvey to broader development issues. But there is so much more going on this week & lots of food for thought:

Development news: USAID’s largest health project is in trouble; elections in Angola; how to tackle sexual violence in emergencies; more UN(DP) reforms; digital change in rural India; NYT’s West Africa Bureau Chief uses a mobile phone; another Gettleman review; missing female leaders in the UN system; the fallen idol of Myanmar; how to overcome inequality with foreign aid; don’t tell poor people to work harder and live smarter; Harvey & corporate hubris.

Our digital lives: The neoliberal panopticon of a Romanian call center; humitas; Google suppresses critical think tank voices; the whiteness and privilege of startup media; a book bought its way in the bestseller …