As as academic, it's tempting to say 'everything is research', but I try to limit this list to posts that are directly linked to my academic projects and some broader questions of communicating research (articles) in the digital age.

Communicating research
Don’t post direct links to your new journal article!

The answer to academic publishing challenges is not always open access

Are journals hindering creative academic writing & engagement with research?

Research article overviews

Social Media and Peacebuilding (Palgrave Encyclopedia of Global Security Studies)

Ritualized conference spaces & the evolution of peace research professionalism in Germany

Vocationalization in international development studies education 

International Development TED Talks & their role for communication for social change

Performing Peace-building: Conferences, Rituals and the Role of Ethnographic Research

Reflexive engagements: the international development blogging evolution and its challenges

Social Media and Global Development Rituals: a content analysis of blogs and tweets on the 2010 MDG Summit 

How peacebuilding has become a ritualised space-Summary of my PhD project

Development evaluators, make blogging part of your workstyle!

World Development Report 2011 – creating a ‘non-place’ for development debates?

Deconstructing Development Discourse-book now available for download

Can Nepal escape the ritualisation of international peacebuilding?

Posts on the open (aid) data/ aid transparency debate 

Making World Bank Open Data Usable: An Important Next Step
(Post by Abby Tabor on MyScienceWork featuring a few thoughts shared during an interview with her)

Open data, crowd-wisdom and ‘hunting plagiarists’ – how a group of activists is challenging the German academic system

Who is going to pay for open aid data experts?

Why having a computer is not enough-Does the World Bank use aid transparency to avoid tough debates on internal accountability?

Aid transparency-From standards to innovative accountability and action

Why I would like to see more critical debates on the ‘open aid data’ discourse

Why publishing aid data does not equal 'democratizing development'


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