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Hi all, I'm at a workshop about communication for development in the context of Germany today hosted by the University of Leipzig. There should be plenty of material for a blog post next week! In the meantime, enjoy your weekly link digest with plenty of interesting readings for the weekend! Development news: New challenges for UN peacekeeping; Louise Linton marries; key trends in humanitarian funding; British Red Cross received a lot of useless 'stuff'; Colombia's gold rush revisited; tax avoidance & illicit flows; UN struggles with open data-one pdf at the time; even the Guardian falls into white savior trap; Helen Clark hit the glass ceiling; the limits (and opportunities) of 'small is beautiful'; a long read on Bridge academies; spatial analysis in Madagascar; the impact of edutainment; the geography of humanitarian knowledge; the future of evaluation; photographing Afghanistan; remembering a priest from Nicaragua. Our digital lives: Reuters Instit

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Hi all, The busy end-of-term weeks are approaching fast, so I sort of skipped one link review and focused on other content instead (see below). But it also means that there are lots of interesting reads for being inspired over the weekend! Development News features an overview of the reflexivity turn in aid work; persistent problems with the Global NGO ranking ; the challenges for educated women in the Middle East, the ‘university in a box’ in Rwanda, pharmaceuticalization of global health, why design for development is rather a band aid; lots of new social media and open data readings; the neoliberal political economy of Oprah , researching facebook’s filter bubble ; and Academia features a bibliometrics manifesto , a study on the impact of . how to build your brand as an (academic) writer and the question whether we should ban PowerPoints form lectures (spoiler alert: I disagree…). Enjoy! New from aidnography New research on International Development TED Talks &

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Hi all, Time for some fresh reading recommendations for the upcoming weekend! Development news on exploitative immer sive experiences; why you should be smarter than becoming a volountourist in Nepal; parachute research & public health emergencies; Urban education heroes, Teach for America’s top-down management & Habitat for Humanity’s gentrification venture in NYC-3 stories from the U.S. about ‘development’; safe & meaningful participation of girls at the decision-making table; more on expat pay; Our digital lives with new research on why filter bubbles may not matter; Academia with a reading list on critical algorithm studies for nerds; the ethics of using hacked data for your research. Enjoy! New from aidnography How great development discussions look like on facebook - Build Africa’s “Time Machine” video edition There is always space for more snark, memes, satire or ironic commentary on development-related topics, so it is worth documenting a great teachable mom

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Hello all, Between my academic vacation (i.e. a non-holiday dedicated to reading and writing and enjoying it very much!) and preparing high quality new blog content my weekly link review is a bit off balance...this is actually not a bad thing as it gives me more time to select slightly less time-urgent content or include replies to more news-ish items...anyway...a great review starts with 'Devsplaining', IDS going open access, sex & the aid worker, World Bank self-praise, Canada's destructive development climate, the state of humanitarian research, a long read on Kari Polanyi's long live and open access reading tips! The highlights in Our Digital Lives is an essay on why social transformation needs friction and the challenges of data journalism; finally, a look at netnography, Snowden & the 'burning paradise' of the academic sector. Enjoy! New from aidnography I’m getting tired of ‘corporatization’ claims regarding the development industry As always, MS