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A young woman too shy to look at the camera at Nova CanaĆ£ shelter in Boa Vista, Brazil. (UNHCR/Genesis Andreina Lemus Guacaran) Hi all, I hope the latest #globaldev link review finds you well & warm ;)! My teaching term is definitely over now, but the blog will have some final updates next week before a well-deserved summer break!   My quotes of the week The Syrian government has rigged the system for provision of humanitarian aid, to ensure that the benefit to the state supersedes the needs of the population. In doing so, it has compromised each humanitarian organization or agency’s ability to program and re-oriented priorities towards obtaining greater access and resources, instead of serving beneficiaries impartially. Humanitarian organizations have very little leverage to negotiate up with the Syrian government. ( Rigging the System-Government Policies Co-Opt Aid and Reconstruction Funding in Syria ) Our study shows that action on climate change demands shuttering v

Links & Contents I Liked 330

Hi all, Glad Midsommar from Sweden! This will be one of the last link reviews before the summer break and from a communication for development perspective this one almost has it all-from terrible ideas of how to spend your honeymoon to female leadership, capitalist-fix critique & instructions on how to reboot your lightbulbs! Enjoy! My quotes of the week There’s a real need for Arab women in our field. We’re based in a region where most countries have experienced wars, disasters, crises and upheavals, so there’s a need for more hands, especially in the form of Arab women,” she added. “We have empathy, we understand the culture and we speak the language. It makes a big difference. (Rana Sidani Cassou, Why more women should take up humanitarian work in Middle East and North Africa ) We have a strong recommendation for a reparations fund. (...) we would like to see this fund actually being focused on the individual survivors and helping them repair their lives. We know that wh

Links & Contents I Liked 329

Hi all, We are half-way through our MA thesis presentation seminar and my head is spinning (in a good way!) from all the great work our students have been doing, pushing the boundaries of 'communication for development'. Great work featuring Cambodia, Ethiopia, Spain, Senegal, Thailand, India, Palestine, digital health, immigration discourses and child marriage! Very proud teacher day(s)! Enjoy! My quotes of the week: Sometimes, don’t apply fo r a grant that might be a better fit for an organization led by and serving people of color. Be aware of how you may be perpetuating things like Trickle-Down Community Engagement (TDCE), where your org gets significant funds which you then trickle down a small amount to small grassroots organizations. Don’t be a gatekeeper. And don’t ask us to do stuff for free. (Vu Le in Why more and more executive directors of color are leaving their positions, and what we need to do about it ) One individual was refused because they said ‘on