My summer readings on communication, ethnography, digital culture, development & expat aid work

Hi all,

I have to admit that my initial reading list turned into several reading piles... yes, I have gone a bit crazy and I am not quite sure yet how to cope with all these fantastic books...but one of the great privileges of being an academic is that reading, collecting and curating books is actually part of my job :)!

The different piles are hopefully pretty self-explanatory: 

'Classic' new material on global development from - and on - a who-is-who list including Easterly, Chambers and Sachs.

From Nepal to Central Asia, from the street of the U.S. to the inside of multilateral organizations-I was actually a bit surprised to discover that my biggest pile is on ethnography and anthropology...

This is probably the most directly work- and teaching-related pile-updating the reading list for our ComDev course on New Media, ICT & Development:

Closer related to the core of 'aidnography' are these books on aid work, (expat) aid workers and writing about expat aid workers doing aid work...

An odd little pile of interesting books about our (digital) lives and culture(s)...

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