Chances and limitations of blogging development

I am currently doing research for a journal article that addresses blogging and blogs in the context of reflective international development practice. My particular focus is on the role and impact different ways of writing have on personal, organisational or even broader reflection and learning processes. I have already contacted a few interesting bloggers and received some even more interesting feedback and will write more as this small 'project' 'guiding references' for my initial theoretical framework are listed below-in case you have a more academic interest in this subject:

Gillie Bolton 2010: Reflective Practice. Writing & Professional Development. London: Sage. 

Andrea Cornwall, Jassey, Katja, Arora-Jonsson, Seema, and Patta Scott-Villiers 2007. The Beast of Bureaucracy and Other Tales from Valhalla. Brighton: Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

Rosalind Eyben et al 2010: Stories from Aidland.

Rosalind Eyben 2010: Hiding relations. The irony of 'Effective Aid', European Journal of Development Research 22 (3).

David Lewis et al 2010: The Fiction of Development?
Jethro Pettit 2010: Multiple Faces of Power and Learning, IDS Bulletin 41 (3).


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