Wordle word cloud Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation

Just a quick Wordle cloud on the official 'outcome' document from the Busan summit...so many 'plastic words' of the aid effectiveness discourse that deserve a second, closer look and more analysis...

Update: Because it looked like fun and also because a break-down into different sections could be interesting, I decided to create separate word clouds for every headline/part of the document. Note that the different sections differ considerably in length and that I have not used any other filters or tools other than copy-pasting the contents of the official Busan document into Wordle.

Introduction [paragraphs 1-10; ca. 975 words]

Shared principles to achieve common goals
[paragraphs 11-13; ca. 440 words]

Realising change:
Complementary actions to reach common goals

Inclusion of new actors on the basis of shared principles and differential commitments
[paragraph 14; ca. 201 words]

Improving the quality and effectiveness of development
co‐operation [paragraph 15-17; ca. 215 words]

Ownership, results and accountability
[paragraph 18-22; ca. 771 words]

Transparent and responsible co‐operation
[paragraph 23-25; ca. 610 words]

Promoting sustainable development in situations of conflict and fragility [paragraph 26, ca. 188 words]
Partnering to strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability in the face of adversity [paragraph 27; ca. 130 words]

From effective aid to co-­‐operation for effective development [paragraph 28-29; ca. 298 words]

South-­‐South and triangular co-­‐operation for sustainable development [paragraph 30-31; ca. 197 words]

Private sector and development [paragraph 32; ca. 219 words]
Combating corruption and illicit flows
[paragraph 33; ca. 177 words]

Climate change finance [paragraph 34; ca. 121 words]

The road ahead: Partnering for progress towards and beyond the MDGs [paragraph 35-36; ca. 528 words]


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