Possibly the coolest fake academic journal I've seen so far

Dear Dr., Professor and Scientist,
1. Arctic Journal of Business Administration
2. Luca Pacioli Journal of Commerce

We are charging only $3[= in any currency] per page, which is very cheap when compared to some money oriented journals.
Further we request you to withdraw your paper from other journals keeping in view of high page charges.
You can submit your research papers to our online journals. We consider papers in all areas of Commerce, Management and Business Administration..
More Journals on MANAGEMENT coming soon.
Submission e-mails:
1. Arctic Journal of Business Administration 
[Submission e-mail:   [XXX]@yahoo.com
2. Luca Pacioli  Journal of Commerce
[Submission e-mail:   [XXX]@yahoo.com
Journals Website: XXX
Sincerely Yours,
I have commented on the perils of the online academic journal industry before (filed under 'Academia'), but the email that made it into my university email inbox a few days ago is too hilarious not to share with the wwworld.
Actually, it's not so much the email, but the 'journal' 'homepage' that popped up with blinking, colour-changing stars and a design I haven't seen since 1998!
And while I'm still trying to figure out what the impact factor of this journal may be, I have to admit that at least I learned who Luca Pacioli was (the 'father of accounting')...luckily, he has been dead for almost 500 years so he can't sue the 'editors' of the 'journal' for using his name...
Establishing a fake academic journal...you are doing it wrong!


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