Aidnography will be moving to Sweden!

I am very, very excited about joining Malmö University’s School of Arts and Communication as a Senior Lecturer in Communication for Development!

I am joining a fantastic and truly multi-disciplinary team of colleagues who have been involved in teaching and researching Communication for Development for almost 15 years, featuring a flagship distance learning MA program and a bi-national Centre for Communication and Glocal Change comprising Danish and Swedish universities.

I am really looking forward to developing my teaching and research agenda on ‘digital development’ further in collaboration with colleagues from political science, journalism, anthropology as well as media and design studies as envisioned by the statement on Communication for Development (ComDev):
ComDev is both an interdisciplinary field of study and a research field, as well as a professional practice. Studies about the impact of media and culture in societal change, local and globally, is combined with practical application of communication efforts in international development work. In other words, communication is both a form of analysis and articulation of contemporary global societal change, and a tool to promote development and social change.
If you happen to be in Scandinavia in September, a first highlight will be the Ørecomm Festival 2013 held jointly by the universities of Roskilde, Copenhagen and Malmö. This year’s theme Memory on Trial: Media, Citizenship and Social Justice promises many interesting discussions.

What does the new appointment mean for the blog/blogging?
Essentially, this blog will remain an important, less formal and active space to combine reflections on teaching and research with the practical applications of social media as they happen in the blogosphere.

However, there is also going to be a bit of a transition period as we relocate to Sweden at the end of May and get ourselves ready for take-off when the new academic years starts in September.

But since research will be published soon, books will be read before the move, links will accumulate in my Inbox and a great new space will soon be discovered it is unlikely that I will run out of interesting stuff to share with you anytime soon!

Looking forward to exploring Sweden’s cycle-friendliest city and connecting with Scandinavia’s development and communication community!


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