Why you should attend the Örecomm Festival in Denmark & Sweden this September

Dear all,

There are only a few days left to register for the forthcoming Örecomm festival that will take place in Roskilde (DK), Malmö (SWE) & Copenhagen (DK) from 13-16 September.

This year's theme is Memory on Trial: Media, Citizenship and Social Justice, but the scope of the festival is much broader and a real treat for ethnographically inclined colleagues.

Check out the half-day workshop on Methods of Analysis in Ethnographic Studies of Mediated Memories:

Conducted by the Media|Ethnography Group in cooperation with Annette Markham and Jo Tacchi, this workshop brings together different perspectives on methods of analysis in ethnographic communication research. Through panel presentations and round-table discussions the aim is to  contribute to the existing debates with perspectives on how ethnographic processes of analysis may respond to the ever-changing empirical field of communication
And do browse through the impressive 46-page long festival program!
It is not entirely fair to only point out some of the keynote speakers like Thomas Hylland Eriksen or highlight the screening of multi-award winning film The Act of Killing, because there is so much more to discover in and around the three hosting cities in the Öresund area.

I have not really thought about the 'how', but I am planning to blog from the events and some live broadcasting will be available, too. In addition to mingling with the great conference participants this will be a great opportunity to meet in person--so do not hesitate to register and then contact me so we can sort out practical details.

Looking forward to seeing you in Scandinavia!


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