SIDA/ComDev seminar 'Communication for development and social change in a new era', Stockholm, 22 January 2014

Aidnography is back from the holidays and wishes his readers a very happy and successful 2014!

Together with my colleague Oscar Hemer I will be in Stockholm next week for a couple of meetings and seminars.
Our colleagues (including some very energetic, proactive students from our ComDev MA program) at Sida have invited us to discuss new (social) media, ICT, development and social change and we are really looking forward to the debate between academia, teaching and development policy and practice!
In the words of the official seminar announcement:

The emergence and global spread of new ICT's has changed the landscape in the area of Communication for Development and created new tools for actors for social change. This momentum presents new possibilities and challenges within the field. Malmö högskola and Sida invite you to an afternoon to discuss and exchange ideas.
More information about the afternoon and how to attend if you are in or near Stockholm can be found on Sida's homepage.

And if you can't make to Stockholm in person, there's also going to be a Google HangOut for the event and it will also be live-streamed for our students.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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