CfP Örecomm Glocal Conference on Communication for Development-ICT, gender & journalism panels

Hi all,

The fourth annual Örecomm Festival is in its early planning stages and this year I am part of the organizing team and responsible for two panels:

Philanthropy? Market? Crowd? Poverty? The present and future of development journalism
Amidst the disrupture and transformations of the media industry international development journalism is exploring new avenues to connect with different audiences and communicate social change. This panel will highlight new innovative approaches as well as discuss their limitations in an age where ‘everybody is a broadcaster’.

ICT4D without ICT4G? What role for gender in communication for development?
As photos of all-male ICT4D conference panels and technology fairs dominated by men in suits are circulated regularly on social networks questions about gender issues in ICT4D research and practice may be more pressing than ever. What can ICT4D learn from other contemporary development debates, e.g. on masculinities, conflict or sexualities? What innovative approaches are tried out for example in academic research and teaching or in applied projects? The panel invites theoretical reflections and innovative case studies on gender, power and the future of ICT4D. 

The plan is to invite one discussant per panel in addition to the presenters and I am currently negotiating with an interesting, fairly well-known colleague from the blogosphere who would be an excellent fit for the development journalism panel! We are also encouraging alternative formats of presentation, e.g. remotely, and we have all the technology in place for interactive virtual sessions! Some broader information on the conference is below, all the details are on the Örecomm blog and you can always drop me a message directly if you have any questions!

The program will offer a mix of keynotes, paper presentations, workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and exhibitions dealing with communication for development and this year’s theme: Voice and Matter

Panels and workshops will discuss issues such as:
  • The role of media and communication in the post 2015 agenda
  • Media, empowerment and civic agency
  • Participatory video and interactive documentary
  • Cultural Studies and ComDev: Remembering Stuart Hall
  • Voice and the Return of the Politics of Hope
  • Political Economy of the Development Industry
Although this year's topic is different, my short reflections on last year's conference may give you an idea about what to expect:


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