Research on development blogging reloaded-new survey on audience and impact

Who reads international aid and development blogs?
David Algoso had the brilliant idea to use the wisdom of the development blogging crowd and its esteemed readers to help us with empirical data on reading and sharing habits and the general 'use' of development blogs. 

So a number of bloggers (that's why you may see similar posts on more than one of your favourite blogs but they all lead to the same survey) have gotten together to create a joint survey of our readers: please take the survey here.

International aid and development blogs have expanded rapidly in the past few years, and our audience has expanded too. We want a better sense of just who is reading these blogs and what they're interested in. The survey will take just 5 minutes and will be available for about two weeks. All responses are anonymous, of course. This is an exciting and participatory way to create empirical data that we as a group will share with the world, of course, but that could also be used for academic papers and other more 'serious' endeavours.

After you take the survey, we encourage you to tweet it, blog it, and otherwise share it with others who read aid and development blogs. If you have a blog of your own, please post it!
Thank you in advance for your time!


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